I do some drawings and whatnot in my freetime. On this page are some of the projects/images I've worked on in no particular order.

SPMay222011 Self portrait #1 summer 2011 times
Self Portrait Project

This is my main project. I've been doing it for over a decade. The project is simple. 

I capture myself or explore my identity using 'the arts' in some way. 

I do it everyday.

That's it. I've been doing a self portrait or portraits of people that have helped shape me every single day. They are poems, videos, photos, selfies, drawings, paintings, anything I want to work with.

Colouring Times!

Mother Maggie Comic

Inktober 2023

Back in art school during art bootcamp, we had this as an exercise. Print out linework REAL BIG and then we each took a smaller piece and without knowing what the large image was we coloured and painted them separately. Then putting them together you get a hot mess! It's fun! You should do iiiiiiiiiiiit! Here's some linework.

For Inktober 2020 I decided to try my hand at making a little comic. I still went along with all the prompts and whatnot and tried to make everything make sense. I did the individual posts on my Twitter.

I also compiled them into a more readable format here. The only thing is that my site is slow and the pictures are large so it may take some time to load.