I do some drawings and whatnot in my freetime. On this page are some of the projects/images I've worked on in no particular order.

SPMay222011 Self portrait #1 summer 2011 times
Self Portrait Project

This is my main project. I've been doing it for a decade. The project is simple. 

I capture myself or explore my identity using 'the arts' in some way. 

I do it everyday.

That's it. I've been doing a self portrait or portraits of people that have helped shape me everyday. They are poems, videos, photos, selfies, drawings, paintings, anything I want to work with.

Colouring Times!

Back in art school during art bootcamp, we had this as an exercise. Print out linework REAL BIG and then we each took a smaller piece and without knowing what the large image was we coloured and painted them separately. Then putting them together you get a hot mess! It's fun! You should do iiiiiiiiiiiit!

Mother Maggie Comic

For Inktober 2020 I decided to try my hand at making a little comic. I still went along with all the prompts and whatnot and tried to make everything make sense. I did the individual posts on my Instagram and Twitter.

I also compiled them into a more readable format here. The only thing is that my site is slow and the pictures are large so it may take some time to load. 

Swordtember 2021

I did Swordtember 2021. Swordtember was started by Faith Schaffer. It's a daily drawing event for the month of September where artists draw and design swords based on a prompt. I'm currently working on building them in 5e as SWORDS! As well as putting them into a homebrew campaign that I should finish by December 2022.

Swordtember 2021