My mission is to not die

I tend to work on large projects or help other people with theirs. I plan on posting more online and interacting with the world more as time progresses. Unless I die.

I do have a myriad of skills however words are not one of them. Since this site is for myself mostly it will not use language well. However, I hope you have fun and I hope there's at least some charm to the way that I talk and write.

Game Design
Trying not to die
Certified QT

It Me!

I don't feel the need to edit myself.

In the spirit of that I answer questions honestly and tend to be fairly transparent. 

If you work with me you will find that I am generally pretty relaxed and agreeable. I like to think I work well with others.

I have a bachelors degree in the Fine Arts, a minor in history, and a minor in analytical chemistry. I work mainly in optics and help run a small business. I used to be a freelance illustrator and now I work mainly on commissions part time. 

I tend to get sucked into projects fairly easily and I enjoy focusing down on a single task at a time.  

I like fantasy and enjoy drawing monsters and fantastical things. I write and run DnD games and play in other TTRPGs. Also I am obsessed with Lofi Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, and Dream Hop. Also Also I like spiders and I have a stuffed spider named Alphonse.