Hello Hello! As I live my life I am occasionally making stickers, prints, and T-Shirts. If you would like to get any of the stickers or prints below there is an email form to fill out. Just say which ones you want and how many of each. I'll email you about shipping and whatnot. I use both Venmo and Paypal. All the stickers are vinyl stickers and are $1 a piece. The only exception is the sticker sheet which is $5.

Goth Taco

GOTH TACO - This is a goth/emo taco I made for my sister. It is 3.31" x 2.5" and is die cut with a white border. 


EYE TEETH - This is a potion bottle designed by my boyfriend. He's a writer and has stories for each of these. This one is 1.8" x 3" and holographic and die cut with a blue border.  


TOE BEANS! - A group of all artificer cats who use their artificer shenanigans to put together a Mech. This one is 3" x 3" and is holographic vinyl and square. 


POMEGRANATE - This is a sticker I made for a waitress at a restaurant. Most of them went to her but I still have a bunch of them. This one is 2" x 1.56" and is die cut with a peach border.


PINEAPPLE! - This is a sticker I made for a hostess at a restaurant. I asked her what kind of sticker she might want and instantly she said 'Pineapple covered in glitter.' Didn't miss a beat. This one is 1.1" x 2" and is die cut with a peach border.


SP5272022 - Part of my self portrait project and I just liked how it came out soooooo it's a sticker now. This one is 1.9" x 3" and is die cut with a white border. 


P'LOUB - P'Loub is a character I have in a friends campaign for the Dungeons of the Mad Mage. I was allowed to make my character as crazy as I wanted so they have multiclassed themselves into oblivion. I love them. This one is a vinyl sticker sheet, so each drawing above is it's own sticker, and it is 4" x 6". The sticker sheet is a little more expensive than a single sticker and is $5. 

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